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Visit the vault at:

NCAA® Vault

The NCAA Vault ( ) is the definitive source for classic full length Men’s NCAA Basketball games, featuring rich play-by-play metadata indexing and search, social and sharing features, powered by Wazee Digital’s exclusive technology platform. Games in the NCAA Vault have been indexed around players, teams and highlights, creating a flexible “database” of moments to create a rich fan experience and new syndication models through an open application programming interface (API).

The Vault enables fans to search for individual plays and highlights from their favorite NCAA men’s basketball teams and athletes from NCAA hundreds of full length championship games. Fans can immerse themselves in games, explore curated points in time (i.e., Great Finishes, dunks, great finishes, etc.), and select individual moments to share with friends. Visitors can also watch full-length tournament games in the Vault.

By adding metadata to the March Madness archive and making it accessible through an API, the NCAA and Wazee Digital created “jumping in” points within NCAA basketball tournament games, enabling users to search plays and interact with the best tournament dunks, blocks, great finishes, and more.

The NCAA Vault is also enabled with social media features to make users’ experiences even more interactive. Fans can post comments about specific moments within the Vault’s game timelines and share them through links or Twitter and Facebook. Comments will show up on their Twitter and Facebook pages with links back to the exact moments in the Vault games they selected, creating conversations among millions of March Madness fanatics.

Below are links to the Vault home page and examples of direct links into some individual great moments.

<< NCAA Vault Home

<< Steal and Wayne Ellington Dunk During 2009 UNC-Michigan State Championship Game

<< Mario Chalmers forces OT with a three at the buzzer during the 2008 Kansas-Memphis title Game

<< In 2006, Texas stuns West Virginia with a 3-pointer at the buzzer

Check out some of the media coverage and enthusiasm around the NCAA Vault:

<< N.C.A.A. Tournament Goes Online, Clip by Clip – The New York Times

<< Say Hello to NCAA Vault, Adieu to Productivity – WIRED

<< Bosses Everywhere Cringe At NCAA Vault Site – The Sporting News Blog

<< The Internet is Awesome – ESPN College Basketball Blog

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