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The Excitement of the UK Football League

As the licensing agent of the UK Football League, we provide access to more than 25 years of regular season matches and tournament play through our online footage licensing platform.

  • Hundreds of hours of footage, featuring all three UK Football League divisions
  • Archival footage of iconic teams
    • Arsenal
    • Manchester United
    • Manchester City
    • Chelsea
  • Online library that is continually updated with additional league and tournament footage

Complimentary assessment, research and Rights and Clearance services are available to help manage your project from pre to post production.

Spectacular Goals
Capture footage of the Football League's elite players as they score some of the leagues most incredible goals.
Stadium and Crowd Clips
Set the stage for your project with video clips of packed stadiums, cheering fans and pre game preparation.
Rights and Clearances
We can save you time and money by securing the permissions for the property and sports talent in your project.
Explore Our Other Sports Collections
Find incredible footage of collegiate and professional sports teams from around the world.
We Can Help
We bring creative productions to life with high quality footage, killer research and unmatched licensing expertise that saves time and minimizes risk.