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We work strategically with advertising and marketing professionals to understand their vision and supply them with the footage to efficiently create engaging commercials, interactive features, and other marketing content.
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Wazee Digital is your one stop resource for footage and services tailored to documentary producers. Our diverse global collections provide documentarians with contrasting world views and enhanced storytelling capabilities.
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Film & TV

As the world’s leading provider of HD and film-backed content, Wazee Digital enables directors and producers to realize their vision and create compelling programs efficiently. Our clients include Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, ABC, ESPN and HBO.
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Wazee Digital gives interactive and digital publishers access to the industry’s deepest online library of news, sports, nature and entertainment video.
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We provide specialized research services to identify unique footage related to social and environmental topics, key campaign initiatives and community, state, national, and global issues.
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Trade Shows

Wazee Digital works strategically with broadband, wireless, hardware, consumer electronics, and other emerging technology companies to create eye-catching video presentations for trade shows, booths and product demonstrations.
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