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Wazee Digital works with studios, production houses, and distributors in the film and television industries across the video value chain to scan, preserve, manage, delivery and monetize film-based and episodic content. Our strategic approach develops a foundation of master quality, long-form content, structured with rich metadata to enable the delivery of “smart content” to any distribution point.

Key offerings and business cases include:

Preservation & Archive

Wazee Digital supports preservation of analog and film-backed formats through scanning and archive management services. A range of scanning and ingestion services are available on site or at Wazee Digital. Once digitized and ingested, content is preserved at master quality with physically redundant, DR-backup.

Library Management, Access, & Distribution

Films, titles, and episodic content can be stored in Wazee Digital’s platform and easily searched and previewed through a web based portal. Fulfillment packaging and transcodes enable distribution to partners and channels such as cable, VOD, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Advanced “Smart Content” Metadata and Publishing Services

Wazee Digital can ingest and combine existing metadata sources with our own tagging and metadata creation services. Our Platform supports multi-track rich metadata including categories such as transcripts, locations, products, shot types, and more. This “smart content” metadata foundation tied to the master asset serves as a strategic foundation for a range of capabilities within the platform, including: advanced search, localization, ad targeting, contextual delivery of moments, and social engagement tools.

Licensing & Stock Footage Monetization

Wazee Digital’s expertise in licensing and monetization can help drive immediate revenue to film catalogs and support the ROI of preservation and library management efforts. Because it manages one of the world’s largest footage web storefronts and global sales networks, Wazee Digital is able to value, launch, and monetize libraries in stock footage, short form, and long form formats and create incremental revenue for media rights holders who can outsource both platform and sales functions or launch a new turnkey business line.

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Learn how Media Companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment are creating new value from their libraries with “Smart Content”
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