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stock video library of studio production footage

Explore High-Production Footage From Top Film Studios

Enhance your storytelling capabilities with Wazee Digital’s Studio Collection. Our massive stock video library of professionally shot film studio footage features underwater scenes, military footage, destinations around the world, nature, weather & wildlife, and more. Discover our extensive stock video library of HD studio footage in addition to hard to find high-production footage including establishing shots, aerials, special effects, time lapse and slow motion. And with the largest collection of film-backed content in the industry, you'll have the flexibility to manipulate content while maintaining seamless transitions.

Wazee Digital has the largest online stock footage video library featuring production footage from top film and media companies including MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, , Marvel Entertainment and more.

High-Production Studio Collection Highlights

Click the links below to view sample studio footage clips from select specialty topics:

To license film studio footage from Wazee Digital’s Studio Collection contact: 866.815.6599

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We bring creative productions to life with high quality footage, killer research and unmatched licensing expertise that saves time and minimizes risk.
Paramount Pictures
Explore a rich collection of film and television content spanning nearly a century of entertainment.
MGM Studios
Discover footage from some of Hollywood's most beloved films and television productions
Marvel Entertainment Collection
Explore high-production-quality clips that can be licensed for your next film, commercial or broadband project.