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Sponsorship Activation

Wazee Digital is your exclusive source for NCAA media. Corporate Champions, Corporate Partners, and their advertising agencies can get the most out of sponsorships with our combination of content, services, and technology.

NCAA Content:


  • Rights & Clearance services for athletes, universities, and music
  • Full-service research & project management


  • Pre-loaded account with advanced filters and bins specific to your campaign
  • Advanced metadata allows footage to be searched by sport, gender, year,
    and team
  • Upload and store your own video, still images, and completed projects into the cloud to be accessed anywhere by anyone

The NCAA March Madness Activation Package can be purchased alone or in combination with other sports content packages. Contact your Wazee Digital representative to discuss custom solutions, pricing, and delivery or call 866.815.6599.

NCAA and March Madness are trademarks owned or licensed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

HD Tournament Action
License exclusive HD tournament footage from hundreds of games dating back to 2000.
Unforgettable Tournament Moments
Capture heart-pounding suspense and excitement with these clips of game winning buzzer beaters.
High Flying Dunks
Watch basketball's greatest high flying athletes soar to the rim and score on huge dunks and alley-oops.
Rights and Clearances
Our experts can help you secure the permissions for property and talent in your next sports project.
NCAA Vault
Watch hundreds of archived full length championship games, powered by Wazee Digital's technology.
Contact Us
Interested in licensing NCAA footage for your production? Call 866.815.6599 for complimentary research.